A calendar you'll actually want to use

Motion is a fast, beautiful calendar with to-dos built in to help you get it all done.

To-dos and calendar, together

When you want to make sure something gets done, schedule it. For the first time ever, get a full picture of your time.

Tasks and calendar events unified

Serious time blocking

We believe you're at your most productive when you control, set, and protect your own time. 

One place for all your to-dos

No more copying and pasting to-dos from one product to another. Import to-dos directly from your favorite apps and keep them synced with Motion's two-way sync.

From brain to list in record time

No matter how much we think we can remember, keeping it all in our heads or scattered across different apps increases the risk we'll drop the ball.

Motion gets to-dos out of your head fast — online or offline, by text or voice, on desktop or mobile — and lets you confidently get back to work.

Prevent time theft

Tasks and calendar events unified

Don’t let others fill up your calendar with their priorities. Decrease double-booking without sacrificing availability by showing urgent to-dos as busy and non-urgent to-dos show as free.

Easily reschedule tasks

Tasks and calendar events unified

Can’t get to a to-do? Is a to-do taking longer than expected? Quickly reschedule with two clicks and get back to business.

Never be late again

Tired of cutting it close on busy days? Motion knows when you're meeting in different locations and auto-schedules travel time so you get there on time.

Seriously fast

You're a builder — a creator. You fly from project to activity, from event to meeting. You think deeply, plan thoughtfully, and execute diligently. You simply expect more.

Motion builds momentum, quickly. Every interaction, every tap — everything — is made to be faster than time flies.

Scheduling simplified and sped up

Motion is built to keep up with you and keep you moving. 

Sync many, share one

Sync all your calendars and view them in one beautiful interface. Easily share multiple calendars with one link — all with granular control over what others see.

Multiple calendars

You have multiple calendars, but only the same 24 hours in a day. Categorize your calendars and quickly toggle them on/off to get a comprehensive view of your time.

Even the best of us are sometimes late. Send a fully customizable "be right there!" email to other attendees with one tap.

Reduce running late stress

Get more done than you ever thought possible

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